Chromotherapy and its effects on our body

Colors are an integral part of our daily life. They accompany us in everyday life and offer us a balance that allows us to act on our body and in particular on physical and psychological pathologies.

Colors are simply vibrations that have different speeds, lengths and rhythms of waves. The latter, in view of their characteristics, have different virtues that we will discuss a little further on.

Today, it is possible to find the advantages of chromotherapy directly in your bathroom, in particular thanks to the relaxing accessories of whirlpool bathtubs.

Indeed, more and more balneotherapy bathtubs and spas make it possible to combine the powers of balneotherapy and chromotherapy such as:

- Fixed spas
- Inflatable spas
- Mobile spas
- Swim spas
- Indoor spas
- Outdoor spas
In addition, it is possible to combine color treatment with the benefits of aromatherapy but also with different sound programs, for absolute well-being.

All these characteristics allow colors to have diverse and varied properties.

Color properties

Indeed, chromotherapy uses the various properties of colors to improve our mental and physical well-being. Here are some examples of colors below:

- White: With an energizing property. Thanks to its maximum brightness, it allows us to be more productive and stimulates us intellectually.
- Black: Has a soothing property. It helps direct our body to sleep, however, in case of overexposure it can have depressing effects.
- Red: With a stimulating property. As the warmest color in the spectrum, red has a very uplifting and energizing effect.
- Orange: At the relaxing property. It is a color synonymous with warmth and friendliness that increases optimism.
- Yellow: With a stimulating property. It's an invigorating, but not exciting color that helps fight depression and mental fatigue.
- The green: To the restful property. Its characteristic is to fight against insomnia, calm nervousness and bring serenity.
- The blue: To the restful property. It has the ability to relax the mind and improve verbal communication.
- Purple: With a soothing property. It decreases fear and anxiety and helps give our mind more peace of mind.

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